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Dylan Newman is a recent Bachelor's of Industrial Design graduate based out of Toronto, Ontario.


As a quiet and curious kid he was always drawn to hands-on work, influencing his curiosity and experimentation

for design. An appreciation for unanticipated observation of the material world, drives simple, yet well-thought out designs. Passions lie under the design of everyday tools, footwear and furniture.

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design assistant 
Jamie Wolfond Studio

- Development of a production system for bead work, lighting, and installation.

- Operation of shop equipment for fabrication of working test models.

- Assisting with feedback and modelling of future products through sketching and experimentation.

studio monitor &
teaching assistant

Sheridan College

- Maintaining studio cleanliness and organization of material and tools.

- General maintenance of machinery and preparation for course work.

- Studio assistance with fellow students projects and other questions or concerns.

model builder

- Building physical, electronic models and prototypes.

- Operating a variety of shop equipment, hand tools, 3D printers, rapid prototyping machines and software.

- Deciphering info from 2D to 3D drawing files, sketches and maps to conceive and construct models.



Adobe Creative Suite, Microsoft Office, Fusion 360, Solidworks, Blender,



Sketching, Rendering, Rapid Prototyping, Design Thinking and Research, Product Presentation and Photography.


Material Understanding, Vacuum Forming, CNC Cutting, Waterjet Cutting, 3D Printing, General Hardware, Tooling and Machinery.

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